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Beta download: https://ftp.eiffel.com/pub/beta/16.05/
Beta download: https://ftp.eiffel.com/pub/beta/16.05/
== (July 8th 2016)==
===New features===
===New features===

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Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

EiffelStudio 16.05 Releases

Beta download: https://ftp.eiffel.com/pub/beta/16.05/ (July 8th 2016)

New features


Feature removed

Bug fixes

  • EiffelBuild: Fixed a bug causing incompletely initialized application and environment objects to be used when showing a window in a project generated by EiffelBuild.
  • library (Vision): bug#19241 - Fixed a non-critical bug in the feature {EV_DIALOG_IMP_COMMON}.show that might lead to infinite recursion on Windows, though the feature is never called because it is always redefined except in classes for modal dialogs where a different feature is used for display.
  • library (Base): test#agent015 - Fixed a regression bug in .NET version of ROUTINE that may cause an incorrect result or an exception when calling {ROUTINE}.valid_operands on an agent with reference arguments or when invoking such an agent with preconditions turned on.
  • library (Base): bug#19245 (test#directory002) - Fixed a bug preventing directory contents with non-ASCII entry names to be recursively deleted when using {DIRECTORY}.recursive_delete, {DIRECTORY}.delete_content, {DIRECTORY}.recursive_delete_with_action or {DIRECTORY}.delete_contents_with_action.
  • library (Base): Fixed a bug when {DIRECTORY}.delete_content_with_action could call an action agent even when the argument file_number was not positive that should have prevented any agent calls.
  • runtime: test#runtime020 - Fixed a bug that may cause a Windows application to crash when it attempts to use standard input/output.

User changes

  • library (Base): test#directory002 - Avoided calls to an action agent from {DIRECTORY}.delete_content_with_action with the same arguments twice when processing nested directories.
  • library (Base): test#directory002 - Changed {DIRECTORY}.recursive_delete_with_action to avoid calling an action agent when the argument file_number is not positive so that the behavior is similar to {DIRECTORY}.delete_content_with_action.

Developer changes


  • compiler: Provided more details (such as option name, rule name, kind of syntax error) for errors in code analysis command-line options.
  • compiler: Supported position-independent code analysis options (temporary retaining old code analysis options) that act like regular EiffelStudio command-line options:
-ca_class (-all | <class_name>)
-ca_rule <rule_name_with_optional_setting>
-ca_setting <preference_file_name>
  • compiler: Relaxed void safety rules for local variables and Result by allowing assigning of detachable values to them even when their type is attached. The change allows dropping explicit detachable marks in local declarations and simplifying code that uses Result, e.g.,
foo: X
                         r: detachable X
                         r := something
                         if not attached r then
                                 r := something_else_attached
                         Result := r


foo: X
                         if attached something as r then
                                 Result := r
                                 Result := something_else_attached

can now be rewritten as

foo: X
                         Result := something
                         if not attached Result then
                                 Result := something_else_attached

The change does not allow previously void-unsafe code to be treated as void-safe, but may affect errors reported by the compiler, in particular:

  1. VEVI errors may be now reported as VUTA(2) when a local of an attached type is used as a target of call before it is attached.
  2. VEVI errors may be now reported as VJAR or VUAR when a local of an attached type is used as a source expression before it is attached.
  3. VJAR errors may now be reported as VUTA(2) when a local of an attached type is assigned a detachable value and is later used as a target of a call.
  4. VJAR errors may now be reported as VEVI when Result of an attached type is assigned a detachable value.
  • compiler: Improved code generation for iterative form of loops in finalized mode by taking into account cursor types provided by iterable classes.
  • compiler: Avoided object creation when accessing an attribute (usually item) on an expression of a basic type.
  • compiler: Slightly improved performance of feature call on void target checks in finalized mode.
  • compiler: Supported nested inlining of {SPECIAL}.item in finalized mode.
  • library: Improved performance of iteration forms of loops for targets of the following classes: ARRAY, ARRAYED_LIST, SPECIAL, READABLE_STRING_32, READABLE_STRING_8.
  • EiffelStudio: Improved reporting for errors in regular expressions used in include and exclude file rules in ECF by adding position information and providing error description all the time.

Bug fixes

  • EiffelStudio: bug#19173 - Fixed a bug that caused an exception when requesting to generate documentation or XMI for a target with a library disabled by a condition.
  • compiler: test#codeanalysis019 - Fixed a bug that caused duplicate reports for CA020 rule (unused assigned variable) inside one class or spurious reports for this rule on several classes.
  • compiler: bug#18028 (test#final114), test#final123 - Fixed a bug that caused incorrect code generation when inlining across loops or separate instructions.
  • compiler: test#scoop077 - Fixed a bug in applying SCOOP semantics rules and checking SCOOP validity rules for iteration forms of loops with a target of a separate type.
  • EiffelStudio: bug#19212 - Fixed a bug that caused an exception when using metrics tool and affected EiffelStudio 15.12 Releases.
  • library: bug#19213 - Fixed a bug in an external signature of one of WEL features that might cause a crash when compiled with Gobo compiler.
  • compiler: test#attach118 - Fixed a bug that might cause incorrect error reports for inherited code when target of reattachment involving conversion is of a detachable type.
  • EiffelStudio: Added checks for validity of regular expressions used in include and exclude file rules specified in the project settings dialog with rejection of invalid regular expression using the corresponding error dialog to avoid a possibility to store ECF that cannot be retrieved.

User changes

  • EiffelStudio: Changed order of processing of arguments taken from the command line and from the environment variable ISE_EC_FLAGS. Now arguments are first read from the environment variable and then from the command line.
  • compiler: Marked old code analysis command-line options as obsolete.
  • library: Changed interface and implementation of cursor classes used to implement across loops to get better performance.
  • library: Added protection of window objects (of type EV_WINDOW and descendants) from garbage collection when there are no references to them or to objects holding such references and the associated windows become visible by using a feature show or its modifications (show_modal_to_window and show_relative_to_window) until the windows become hidden using hide or destroy. The protection should not affect any existing applications, but allows for easier window management in user's code especially in SCOOP mode.