EiffelStudio 14.05 Releases

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Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

EiffelStudio 14.05.x Releases

Beta download: ftp://beta:beta57@ftp.eiffel.com/14.05/

14.05.x.x (...)

New features


Feature removed

Bug fixes

  • compiler: bug#18759 (test#iteration004) - Changed processing of {ITERABLE}.new_cursor to use a renamed version of the feature in a descendant class rather than the feature having this name.
  • compiler: bug#17233 (test#term196) - Supported iteration on an expression of a formal generic type.
  • compiler: bug#17239 (test#term198) - Fixed a bug that caused a crash when compiling the code that used an inline agent as an iteration expression.
  • compiler: bug#16983 (test#anchor055), bug#17034 (test#anchor057) - Fixed a bug that caused a crash when compiling the code with the creation of an object of a qualified anchored type with a formal generic.
  • compiler: test#anchor070 - Fixed a bug that might cause compiler crash when nested qualified anchored types with a longer feature chain were involved in qualifiers of other qualified anchored types.
  • compiler: bug#16991 (test#anchor056) - Fixed a bug that might cause a compiler to report an unknown feature in a qualified anchored type with a formal generic qualifier constrained only by formal generic types.
  • studio: Fixed an issue where if you open EiffelStudio on screen 1 of a multiple screen setup, then maximize EiffelStudio on screen 2. Next time you open EiffelStudio it would open maximized on screen 1 rather than on screen 2.
  • wel: Fixed a bug with `set_string_with_newline_conversion' where if the input string had only one character after the last %N, that character would be discarded. That is to say "%Na" would yield "%R%N" instead of "%R%Na". This fixes bug#18783.
  • studio: Fixed an issue on Windows where once you set a preference to True, you could never go back to its default value. For example, force debug mode would always be active once set, same for linking the editor and the context tool and many others.

User changes

Developer changes