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Eiffel Studio binaries for Mac OS X

There are currently two separate distributions of Eiffel Studio for the PPC and the Intel platform.

  • MacOS X - PPC (14.08.2006 - Revision 62488) : Eiffel57_gpl_62488_macosx-ppc.tar.7z
    • Note: This file is compressed using 7-zip. 7z compresses the Eiffel57 distribution 15 MB smaller than bzip2. To uncompress it either get the p7zip package from darwinports and use this command:
      7za x -so Eiffel57_gpl_62488.tar.7z | tar xfv - 
      Or get 7zX
  • MacOS X - Intel (21.08.2006 - Revision 62801) :
    • App Package : EiffelStudio57.app.zip
    • Note that you have to manually add /opt/local/lib to your DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH in your .bash_profile and .bashrc:
      export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH<br>
==Readme== NOTE: Since the C code generated by Eiffel Studio might not work properly if compiled with gcc 4, you might want to switch to GCC 3 by doing a "sudo gcc_select 3.3". However I've never encountered this problem with GCC4. MacOS Intel: it seems that compilation fails for some people if not using gcc 4.0... It is not yet tested if the behavior of the generated code is not correct. ===Requirements=== * At least Mac OS 10.3 I guess * Apple's X11 (http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/apple/x11formacosx.html) * Xcode (http://developer.apple.com/tools/) * DarwinPorts (http://www.darwinports.org) * GTK2 from darwinports Do a "sudo port install gtk2" , this will install gtk2 and all required dependencies ===Installation=== Extract the Eiffel57 directory from the tar.bz2 file anywhere you like, and set up your environment accordingly. ===Environment=== Eiffel Studio needs several environment variables in order to work properly. I suggest you put them into your .bashrc and .profile file in your home directory. (on my system .bashrc is a symlink to .profile) You need to define the following variables: <pre>export ISE_PLATFORM=macosx-ppc # macosx-x86 on intel export ISE_EIFFEL=<PATH TO YOUR Eiffel57 directory e.g. /Developer/Applications/Eiffel57> export EIFFEL_SRC=<PATH TO YOUR EIFFEL SVN CHECKOUT, only needed if you want to compile ES yourself> export ISE_LIBRARY=$EIFFEL_SRC # If this is not defined it defaults to ISE_EIFFEL export GOBO=$ISE_EIFFEL/library/gobo # Only needed if you want to use gobo export PATH=$PATH:$ISE_EIFFEL/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin:$GOBO/bin

Running Eiffel Studio

Enter "estudio" in a X-Term window. Make sure that your darwin ports installation is the first item in your PATH environment variable.

Known issues

  • Precompilation doesn't work


  • Use Helvetica 12 as Editor font
  • Click and Pull works with Apple-key + mouse click