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This page gives you an overview about how to get EiffelStudio running on your Mac.

Prerequisite - Installing Gtk

EiffelStudio relies on the Gtk library for graphical output, this page describes how to install it via MacPorts

Installation using MacPorts

MacPorts is a great tool that allows you to use many unix applications on the mac. We have created a package in the MacPorts repository that allows you to to install a fairly recent build with all dependencies in a convenient way: After installing MacPorts as described here simply type

sudo port install eiffelstudio

and you're ready to go (after a few hours compiling that is :)).

Note that you may need to precompile the libraries once with admin rights. To do that, you can type: "sudo estudio" on the command-line and then use the precompilation wizard (Tools->Precompilation wizard) or simply create a new project that will be precompiled.

Installing our EiffelStudio 5.7 builds

There is currently no pre-built EiffelStudio 6.0 binary package. If you are content to use EiffelStudio 5.7, you can use one of the old binary packages we provide here:


If you use a Mac that has a PowerPC Processor, you can download EiffelStudio 5.7 here:

  • or maybe you just want the Eiffel57 folder (19.10.2006 - Revision 64380)


If you use a Mac that has an Intel processor, you can download EiffelStudio here:

EiffelStudio57.app (Revision 64493)

Or maybe you just want to get the Eiffel57 folder. (Revision 64493)


Any more questions?


  • Use Helvetica 12 as Editor font. If you prefer a smaller font, use Hei 10.
  • Pick and Drop works with Apple-key + mouse click.
  • To set up the correct (default) browsers use "open" as your command-line browser in Tools>Preferences...

Preferences open mac.jpg

  • To run the ec compiler from your shell, set up variables similar to these (e.g. in ~/.profile):
# Setting variables for EiffelStudio.
export ISE_EIFFEL=/Developer/Applications/EiffelStudio57.app/Contents/Resources/Eiffel57
export ISE_PLATFORM=macosx-ppc
export ES_PATH=$ISE_EIFFEL/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin
  • In /Developer/Applications/EiffelStudio57.app/Contents/Resources/EiffelLauncher, append an ampersand (&) to the line that launches estudio. This allows the EiffelLauncher script to terminate, removing its useless EiffelStudio icon from the Dock.
  • The F10 and F11 debugging shortcuts conflict with the standard Exposé keys, so use the toolbar or reassign the Exposé keys in System Preferences.