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=Developer Guide=
=Developer Guide=
You can download the developer guide [[http://n.ethz.ch/student/abtt/download/es-teaching%20mode%20developper_1.02.pdf here]]
You can download the developer guide [http://n.ethz.ch/student/abtt/download/es-teaching%20mode%20developper_1.02.pdf here]

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Project name: Advanced Teaching Mode

The eiffel programming language is gladly used for introductions to programming. Often students in their first semester work on large existing software projects, extending little fuctionalities ordered by their tutors. The goal of this project is to improve convience for beginners in programming. For a new-comer in software development it is obviously confusing facing a huge class text, when only asked to edit a single small feature of this class. With the Advanced Teaching Mode it will now be possible to hide code your not interrested in. Eiffel studio will only display the code which belongs to a certain feature you are working at the moment. The rest of the entire class text will be invisible - completly after the slogan "less is more".

Task to Monday 05.06.2006

In order to extract the relevant parts of the code we work in two groups. Parts of the code which do feature parsing are identified by the first group. We require this code to view a specific feature of a class text. The second group extracts the code which is responsible for the Eiffel Studio user interface (menus, icons, buttons,...). The deadline is Monday the 5th of June.

Work Group 1 (feature parsing): Lutz Warnke,

Work Group 2 (user interface): Philipp Bichsel, Klar Christian



  • 02.06.2006 Compiling Eiffel Studio
  • 05.06.2006 Extraction of relevant code sections (see task above)
  • 26.06.2006 Components complete, documentations written
  • 28.06.2006 Test phase and presentation

Developer Guide

You can download the developer guide here


  • Compilation Meeting 22.05 - 24.05.06

- Philipp Bichsel: My suggestion is Wednesday afternoon or Monday after the operating systems exercises at 4 pm. Tuesday I have lectures until 5pm.

- Christian Klar: Monday isn't possible for me. Wednesday would be Ok.

- Tobias Abt: I suggest Monday afternoon, or Wednesday 1pm.

- Florian Geldmacher: I can do Monday after 4pm, wednesday I have a seminar talk from 2 - 4 pm, what about tuesday after usual exercise?

- Tobias Abt: Tuesday after exercise I have class :-(

- Philipp Bichsel: Therefore Monday 4pm or Wednesday 4pm. I vote for tomorrow monday... (lets do it democratic)

- Florian: For me Monday is better because I will travel back to good old east switzerland on wednesday, by the way who has real problems beside Philipp?

- Christian: Tomorrow isn't possible for me, and Petri is sick as well as far as I know.

- Philipp Bichsel: Lutz and Petri compiled successfully...

- Florian: OK, I will first meet Philipp and whoever wants to join tomorrow @ 4 @ IFW E floor right before the cafeteria, Christian is it possible for you maybe wednesday around noon? Take the adapter with you

- Petri: Yep, i'm sick since saturday, i'll definitely stay at home tuesday

- Christian Klar: Compiled succesfully. Thanks to Petri!


Everyone intrested in this project is welcome to join our mailinglist at http://origo.ethz.ch/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/es-teach