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EiffelStudio 6.x Pre-releases

We provide versions of EiffelStudio for most popular platforms (Linux, Windows, Solaris, Irix, ...).

You can find the latest builds in the Origo download area as well as in the Eiffel Software beta area.

Details about new features and bug fixes in the builds are on the releases page.

Information.png Note: Please be aware that the 6.x versions released through this site are intermediate builds on the road towards official EiffelStudio 6.x. If you are experiencing problems with this release, please use the EiffelStudio developer forums for discussions.

The convention used for filenames is the following:


Where $BUILD is a build number, the higher number the more recent release it is, and where $ISE_PLATFORM is the name of your platform.

Mac OS X builds can be found here.

On Windows, you can use the latest Microsoft C compiler, but EiffelStudio 6.1 needs an older compiler.

EiffelStudio 6.x

You can download the official EiffelStudio 6.x release from Eiffel Software. The GPL release can also be downloaded from sflogo.php?group_id=196408.png.

Doc Builder

You can download the documentation generation tool for Windows 32-bit with .NET 1.1 installed by extracting the content of (or for the 64-bit version) onto your hard-drive. Once installed, you can launch the tool by launching the doc_builder.exe executable.

If you have both .NET 1.1 and .NET 2.0 (or greater), you need to force the loading of .NET 1.1. To do so, edit the file doc_builder.exe.config so that its content looks like:

		<requiredRuntime version="v1.1.4322" safemode="true"/> 
		<assemblyBinding xmlns="urn:schemas-microsoft-com:asm.v1"> 
			<probing privatePath="Assemblies"/>