Critical Bug Fixes

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The page highlights the list of bugs that must be fixed prior releasing EiffelStudio version Y (previous release is called X).


This list is maintained by Eiffel Software employees only. Any external users modifying the page will most likely see their changes removed. If you have a show stopper bug please add it to the User Section below. We are aware of all of your submitted bugs but we have to prioritize and fix all those that can be fixed before the end of this release cycle, which is imminent.

What is a "Critical Bug"

A bug is critical if it is reproducible and satisfies one of the following conditions:

  1. Something that used to work in version X and that does not work in Y.
  2. New functionality that is broken in Y.
  3. A crash that was not present in X.

Bug List and Links

EiffelStudio User Interface

Code Tools

  • bug#12510: Control+Tab inactivated for awhile after Control+Tab with scroll (see bug#13108 too for a repro)
  • bug#12155: Precompiles included in Clusters possibilities in Clusters field


  • bug#12606: Stepping with Auto Expressions in sample graphical app causes crash (part about static externals in precompile is fixed)
  • bug#13302: Stepping into routine then continuing hangs window system (Solaris x86 only?)
  • bug#13207: Profile not remembered


  • bug#12756: Undocking toolbar and moving to right side of main window causes crash *
  • bug#12612: Moving Project toolbar to top row and clicking Toolbar Options caused crash *
  • bug#12119: Configuration with multiple windows not restored correctly on restart
  • bug#12375: Closing undocked window and reshowing displays it in different location *
  • bug#12549: Double-clicking on title bar of undocked toolbar activates button below click
  • bug#12623: Moving tool to another zone and then selecting it from Show List popup causes crash
  • bug#12635: Address toolbar not displayed correctly when docked vertically





  • bug#12536: Cannot distinguish pushed-in buttons from other buttons in Class tool *

Context menus


Eiffel Compiler

  • bug#12282: Expression with INTEGER_32 times REAL_64 interpreted as INTEGER_32 by full class checker



  • bug#12171: Performance issues in 6.0 on Solaris Xsun display server
  • bug#13318: Maximizing window via title bar makes it much bigger than screen.
  • bug#13301: EV_BUTTON now resizes narrower than text - change from 5.7


User Section

Information.png Note: External users of Eiffel Software may place their bug report ID's and their description here. There is no guarantee that these bugs will be seen to prior to the release of 6.0. And please, only critical bugs that prevent you from continuing your work.

The Wiki automatically links bugs in the using the format bug(pound sign #)id, e.g. bug#0000.

  • bug#12902: WEL_ERROR Dialog on starting debugger (resource leak?)
  • bug#13170: Internal Error compiling