CddMeeting 31 01 2008

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CDD Meeting, Tuesday, 31.1.2008, 10:00

Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, 5.2.2008, 10:00



  • Forumulate Experiment Hypothesis (Andreas)
  • Fix AutoTest for courses
    • New release
  • Write documentation and videos tutorials (together with final release)
  • [done] Commit dangling patch from 6.0 to 6.1
  • [done] Make it so that tester target never has extraction or execution enabled
    • remove hack from CDD_MANAGER.schedule_testing_restart
  • [done] Make CDD Windows apear by default
  • Finish tuple_002 test case
  • Retest if test cases with errors are properly ignored (after 6.1 port)


  • When test class gets removed manually, update test suite
  • Clean up test case in interpreter after each execution (through garbage collection?)
  • Build releasable delivery for Linux (after each Beta I guess...)
  • Display ignored test class compilation errors (looks like we will have this for free in 6.1)
  • Make sure CDD Tools are visible by default (what layout would you prefer?)
    • Main tool shares tabs with clusters/features tool, output tool after C output tool
  • Red bg for failing test cases in view
  • Write new simple "New Manual Test Case" dialog
  • Test case for (user defined) expanded types
  • Test case containing feature names with underscores and "like Current"
  • When debugging extracted test case, set first breakpoint in "covers." feature

Bug Fixing

  • Result type (like Current) produces syntax error in new test class
  • Fix interpreter hang after runtime crash
  • Check why EiffelStudio quits after debugging a test routine and ignoring violations
  • Check if interpreter compilation errors are propagated correctly (seems to start interpreter even though compilation has failed)


  • Integrate variable declarations into AutoTest trunk (by 8.2.2008)


  • [DONE] Uniqe id to tag test cases with. To be used in logs. So test logs are resiliant to test class renamings
  • [DONE, except probably for bad memory corruption bugs which didn't occur anymore since agents are ignored] Make popup on interpreter crash go away (win32 only)
  • [RECURRENT] Build releasable delivery on Windows
  • Logging
    • What data to log?
    • Implement storing
    • Define how students should submit logs
  • Data Gathering
    • Define what data to gather
    • Define how to process gather data
  • Second Chance re-run to find true prestate (with Jocelyn)
  • Allow for test case extraction of passing routine invocations (with Jocelyn)
  • Rebuilding manual test suite through extraction and synthesizing
  • Find performance bottleneck of test case extraction and propose extraction method for second chance

Bugs/Things to look at

  • For big projects (like ES itself) background compilation of the interpreter leads to completely unresponsive ES
  • Is it still necessary to ever call the routine update actions with argument "void"?
  • Crash upon closing of EiffelStudio (feature call on void target in breakpoint tool)


  • Define Project for SoftEng (due by next meeting)
    • Find System level test suite for us to test students code
    • Find project with pure functional part
  • Install CDD in student labs (Manu)
  • Devise questionnaires
    • Initial (due next meeting after Manu's vacation)
    • Midterm
    • Final
  • Analyze questionnaires
  • Rework example profiles
  • Assis will use CDD to get a feel for it and create a test suite for the students to start with


  • Cache debug values when extracting several test cases.
  • Enable execution and extraction by default for new projects.
  • Make CDD Window and CDD Log Window visiable by default
  • "Debug selected test routine" should be grayed out if no test case is currently selected
  • Testing V2 Application should not interupt flow
  • Retest if test cases with errors are properly ignored (after 6.1 port)
  • Extraction for inline agents not currently working (at least not always)
    • Create inline agent test case
    • Fix extraction for inline agents
  • Revive system level test suite
  • There is a performance problem when compiling a test suite for 'ec' itself. There are indications that the parent ec process consumes too much CPU cycles. Maybe the CDD output refresh is too eager. Find out what the problem is and fix it.


  • Use ELBA

Software Engineering Project

  • One large project, but divided into testable subcomponents
  • Students required to write test cases
  • Fixed API to make things uniformly testable
  • Public/Secret test cases (similar to Zeller course)
  • Competitions:
    • Group A test cases applied to Group A project
    • Group A test cases applied to Groupt B project
  • Idea how to cancel out bias while allowing fair grading:
    • Subtasks 1 and 2, Students divided into groups A and B
    • First both groups do 1, A is allowed to use tool, B not
    • Then both groups do 2, B is allowed to use tool, A not
    • Bias cancelation:
      • Project complexity
      • Experience of students
      • Experience gained in first subtask, when developing second
      • Risk: One task might be better suited for the tool than the other

Data to harvest

  • IDE Time with CDD(extraction) enabled / IDE Time with CDD(extraction) disabled
  • Test Case Source (just final version, or all versions?)
    • Use Profiler to get coverage approximation
  • TC Meta Data (with timestamps -> Evolution of Test Case)
    • TC Added/Removed/Changed
    • TC Outcome (transitions from FAIL/PASS/UNRESOLVED[bad_communication <-> does_not_compile <-> bad_input])
    • TC execution time
    • Modificiations to a testcase (compiler needs to recompile)
  • Development Session Data
    • IDE Startup
    • File save
  • Questionnairs
    • Initial
    • Final


  • "Meta" log entries
    • Project opened (easy)
    • CDD enable/disable (easy)
    • general EiffelStudio action log entries for Developer Behaviour (harder... what do we need??)
  • CDD actions log entries
    • Compilation of interpreter (start, end, duration)
    • Execution of test cases (start, end, do we need individual duration of each test cases that gets executed?)
    • Extraction of new test case (extraction time)
  • Test Suite Status
    • Test suite: after each refresh log list of all test cases (class level, needed because it's not possible to know when manual test cases get added...)
    • Test class: (do we need info on this level)
    • Test routine: status (basically as you see it in the tool)

Experiment Hypotheses

Do Contracts improve Tests?

  • Is there a correlation between Tests quantity or quality and the quantity or quality of contracts?

Corellation between failure/fault type and test type?

  • Do certain kind of tests find certain kind of failures/faults?

Use of CDD increases development productivity

  • Did the use of testing decrease development time?
  • Meassures:
    • Number of compilations
    • Number of saves
    • Number of revisions
    • IDE time
    • Asking the students

Emphasis on quetionnair result. Correlation with logs only if it makes sense

Use of CDD increases code correctness

  • Is there a relation between code correctness of project (vs. some system level test suite) and test activity?
  • Measures:
    • number of tests
    • number of times test were run
    • Number of pass/fail, fail/pass transitions, (also consider unresolved/* transitions ?)
    • Secret test suite

Developer Profile: Is there a correlation between Developer Profile and the way they use testing tools

  • How did students use the testing tools?
  • Are ther clusters of similar use?
  • What is charactersitic for these clusters?
  • Meassures:
    • Aksing students before and after
    • Are there projects where tests initially always fail resp. pass
    • How often do they test?
    • How correct is their project?

Midterm questionnaire will be used to phrase questions for final questionnaire.

Example profiles

  • Waldundwiesen Hacker
    • No explicit structure. Does whatever seems appriorate at the time. No QA plan.
  • Agile
    • Processes interleave. Conscionsness for QA. Maybe even Test First or TDD.
  • Waterfall inspired
    • Explicit process model. Phases don't interleave.
  •  ?

How do extracted, synthesized and manually written test cases compare?

  • Which tests are the most useful to students?
  • How many tests are there in each category?
  • What's the test suite quality of each category?
  • Were some excluded from testing more often than others?
  • How many red/green and green/red transitions are there in each category?
  • Which had compile-time errors most often that did not get fixed?
  • Meassures:
    • LOC
    • Number of tests
    • Number of executions
    • Outcome transitions