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Next Meeting

  • Tuesday, 8.1.2008, 10:00


  • Define views for release (Andreas)
  • Fix extraction for generics -> DONE (Stefan)
  • Fix extraction for tuples -> DONE, but needs testing, there are probably still problems with agents, but it's not certain if related to tuples or extraction (Stefan)
  • Look at/fix test case execution for agents (Stefan)
  • Add non-commited test cases (Stefan)
  • Interpreter compilation opens console on Windows (Andreas, Stefan)
  • "New manual test case" Button (?)
  • Better Icons for GUI
  • Status / Progress bar (?)
  • Port to 6.1 (?, probably only after Beta 1)
  • Manual re-run to find true prestate (Jocelyn, ?)
  • Logging
    • What data to log?
    • Implement storing
    • Define how students should submit logs
  • Forumulate Experiment Hypothesis (Andreas)
  • Define Project for SoftEng (Manu)
  • User must be able to restrict what test cases get executed (?)
  • Parse indexing clause of feature to gather feature tags (?)
  • Restore open nodes and selection after grid update (Arno)
    • Maybe better/easier solved via incremental updates from tree
  • Data Gathering
    • Define what data to gather
    • Define how to process gather data
  • Automate CDD System level tests
  • Install CDD in student labs
  • Pause test execution and compilation during regular compilation and execution
  • Add most important convenience routine to CDD_TEST_CASE
  • Add failure context window
    • Maybe also additional information such as previous outcomes?
  • Implement "exclude test case from execution"

Software Engineering Project

  • One large project, but divided into testable subcomponents
  • Students required to write test cases
  • Fixed API to make things uniformly testable
  • Public/Secret test cases (similar to Zeller course)
  • Competitions:
    • Group A test cases applied to Group A project
    • Group A test cases applied to Groupt B project

Data to harvest

  • Test Case Source (just final version, or all versions?)
  • TC Meta Data
    • TC Added/Removed
    • TC Outcome
    • TC execution time
  • Questionnairs
    • Initial
    • Final