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=== Common Problems ===
=== Common Problems ===
==== Problem: ====
Problem: ''''I cannot see the testing window.''''
''''I cannot see the testing window.''''  
Solution: foo bar
==== Solution: ====
==== Solution: ====

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The Contract Driven Development (CDD) Extension to EiffelStudio. CDD provides full unit test integration into EiffelStudio. Here are some of its features:

  • Automated extraction of test cases from failures
    • For every exception thrown a new test case is created
  • Visualization of test cases and their outcomes
  • One button creation of manual test cases
  • Automated execution of test cases in the background
  • Limit visible test cases via predefined filters and custom tags
  • Testing occurs in the background and is completely undisruptive for the developer

If you have questions, feedback, or would like to report a bug please visit the [CDD forum]

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Using CDD

Common Problems

Problem: 'I cannot see the testing window.' Solution: foo bar


  • If something does not work, first have a look at the 'CDD Output' window. It is located in the same pane as the normal output window (bottom part of screen). If you don't see this window, you can make it visible via '"View -> Tools -> CDD Output"'

Old Documentation

Documentation for the CDD for EiffelStudio 5.7 is available from CddOldDocumentation


Development (Todo's):


  • 04.01.2008: Final experiment definition (questions to ask, how to conduct experiment)
  • 08.01.2008: Finalized list of features to go in release (including logging and log submission)
  • 27.01.2008: Beta 1 (feature complete version online)
  • 04.02.2008: Beta 2 (designated testers test release, # > 3)
  • 11.02.2008: Beta tester feedback in
  • 18.02.2008: Final CDD release for experiment online
  • 19.02.2008: Initial Questionnaire
  • 25.03.2008: Midterm Questionnaire
  • 19.05.2008: Final Questionnaire
  • 20.05.2008: Having all data
  • 06.06.2008: Finished analysis

Stefans Master Plan

  • MA Start ca 17.12.2007
  • MA End ca 17.6.2008
  • Testing the tester
    • System level test for CDD (incl. framework)
    • Recreating existing unit test suite with CDD
    • Large scale validation of CDD
      • Info 4 and/or Software Engineering
      • Questions
        • Does testing (manual/extracted) increase developer productivity?
        • How many tests do ppl end up with (manual/extracted)?
        • ...


Things we need from estudio

  • Invariants should be checked during debugging equally to pre- and post conditions (they could also be visualised in the flat view the same way like pre- and post conditions are)
  • The information whether some call is a creation call or a normal routine call (Not sure if this is really necessary, what if we assume every call to some creation procedure is always a creation call?)
  • Support for multiple open targets