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Here at Eiffel Software we are planning something big and exciting that we hope will exponentially grow the availability and contribution of libraries for Eiffel, and before anything really gets started we wanted the most important feedback for a community focused project - community feedback.

We are in the very early stages of planning so this is your chance to put forth ideas and comments of what you would like to see and how you would like this to work.

We believe Eiffel would benefit from a centralized Eiffel Library Repository and an accompanying tool set for querying, downloading, and uploading prepackaged libraries. In the same vein popular Linux distributions use package managers, the Eiffel Compiler should be able to reference a library using a human readable, location agnostic, versioned library, and everything else is done for you, such as actually resolving the location of the library. We want the process to be as simple as possible so user interaction would be kept to a minimum.

This category is links to the various topics being designed or thought out to being implementation of a repository.

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  1. Eiffel Library Repository
  2. Repository Server
  3. Integrity Checks
  4. Repository Client Tool Set

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