Candidates for FAQs, Tips, and Tricks

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Here you will find a list of topics and references which are candidates for inclusion in the category EiffelStudio FAQs, Tips, and Tricks. Feel free to add any topics or links that you think are appropriate or to edit the candidates listed here.

Protecting Eiffel Objects in the presence of C

Eiffel objects can become exposed to danger when interfacing with C. This short tutorial helps you understand what you need to know to keep your objects safe.

   Protecting Objects

C/C++ Call and Callback Examples

Examples of Calls and Callbacks in C and C++

   C/C++ calls and callbacks

Creating .Net Properties in Eiffel

When C# and VB.Net programmers work with .Net assemblies, they expect to see .Net properties exposed. But Eiffel does not have explicit support for .Net properties. However it is possible to build Eiffel code that when compiled into an assembly will expose attributes as properties. Here is how it is done:

   Create .Net Properties in Eiffel

EiffelVision 2 How To's

Here are the answers to several questions commonly posed by EiffelVision 2 developers:

   EiffelVision 2 HowTo's

Eiffel Image Embedder

A tool has been developed to allow the embedding of target graphical image files (png, jpg, etc.) directly into an Eiffel executable. This means that the image files no longer have to be included in the application's distribution. See the tool described at:

   Eiffel Image Embedder

Object Serialization to a String

The Serialization cluster provides serialization and deserialization to memory. But the memory in question is a C-style buffer, not an instance of Eiffel class STRING. This short tutorial shows how to use the SED classes to serialize and deserialize Eiffel objects to and from instances of class STRING.

   Serialization to string