Vision2 and Unicode


Have a look at the description made for the WEL library. The same applies to EiffelVision2.



Vision2 Ace file & Vision2 project


  • You find the vision2 ace file in the subdirectory $ISE_EIFFEL/precomp/spec/linux-x86/vision2/


  • You find the vision2 ace file in the subdirectory %EIFFEL-ROOT%/precomp/library/spec/windows/vision2/

Instead of loading just the vision2 ace file it's more usefull (at least while getting to know the code) to create a new project that uses the vision2 libraries


M1: May 19th

  • finally found a working and up to date version of Eiffel Studio and Vision 2

M2: May ???

  • implement multi screen support for Vision: Multi screen support
  • collaborate with the internationalization team
  • write a decent STRING_32 implementation for
    • string comparisons
    • lower/upper case conversion
    • some of it is already in Gobo but not completely as efficient as it should
  • To be completed by the team


Everyone interested in this project is welcome to join our mailinglist


We agreed to communicate via IRC ( For Windows user there are different programs available. For example:

Linux user (for ex.) one of the following

  • xchat
  • irssi (console-app.)

after downloading and installing, you can connect to a server with the command

/server <serveradress>

where <serveradress> is (for ex.) (more freenode servers).

to enter our channel, type:

/join #es-vision

also you can set/change your nickname with

/nick <new_nick>

where <new_nick> is you nickname.