Unattended Installation

For some it may be desirable to perform Unattended (also known as Passive) installation of EiffelStudio. The page indicates the requisite and optional properties and their applicable values. We assume knowledge of the Microsoft Installer (MSI) command line options.


Information.png Note: To successfully install EiffelStudio you should have administrative permissions on the user account you are using to install EiffelStudio under.

Requisite Properties

There are few requisite properties to specify via the command line to install EiffelStudio, in fact as of 6.1 there's only a single required property.

Installation Folder (INSTALLDIR)

You must specify the location to install EiffelStudio into, which should be a location on disk or a network share with write access. The property for this is INSTALLDIR.

If you do not specify the installation location correctly the installation will not be successful!

Optional Properties

The optional properties will extend the installation by installing/not installing components at your descression. Even though these properties are optional you should still read through this section to understand what will/will not be installed if you do not specify them.

C/C++ Compiler Choice (C_CONFIG_CHOOSE)

By default, the installer will use the Microsoft C/C++ compiler if found, otherwise the open source MinGW C/C++ compiler. If you have a Microsoft C/C++ compiler and still wants to use the MinGW C/C++ compiler, specify C_CONFIG_CHOOSE=1.

Properties for the Enterprise Edition

If you are attempting to install the Enterprise Edition of EiffelStudio then you will need to specify additional properties.

CD-Key (PID)

You'll need to specify the CD-Key given to you by Eiffel Software or the installation will not install correctly. Specify PID=cd key where cd key is the CD-Key given to you.

User Name (USERNAME)

By default USERNAME is set to the user profile's user name. If you need to specify an alternative user name to use when activating EiffelStudio then specify USERNAME=username where username is the name of the user you want to use for activation purposes.

Performing an Unattended Installation

To actually perform an unattended installation, using the most common installation options for the GPL edition, execute the following

msiexec /passive /i EiffelXX_gpl_xxxxx-xxx.msi "INSTALLDIR=C:\Program Files\Eiffel Software\EiffelXX"

This will install EiffelStudio in the folder C:\Program Files\Eiffel Software\EiffelXX.