Running EiffelStudio in Workbench mode

Starting from revision 6.0 of EiffelStudio, we made it easier to run side by side an official version of EiffelStudio and its workbench version. To make sure this functionality is enabled you need to create a separate delivery of EiffelStudio located at the same place as the official version with the _workbench suffix (back to 6.* version, it was _wkbench)

We assume that you have installed the official release of EiffelStudio in the following directory /apps/EiffelXX. Therefore in the /apps directory follow the instruction on how to build a delivery, but use the name EiffelXX_workbench instead of EiffelXX.

Now that you have done that, simply copy your workbench binaries into EiffelXX_workbench/studio/spec/$ISE_PLATFORM/bin. It is also possible to directly link 'ec' and 'ec.melted' from the workbench binaries (located in $EIFFEL_SRC/Eiffel/Ace/EIFGENs/bench/W_code/).

Create the precompiles for EiffelXX_workbench using ec from EiffelXX_workbench.

Make sure that $EIFFEL_SRC is set.

Note: $EIFFEL_SRC/scripts/update_ise_eiffel_wkbench.eant can help you building an up to date ${ISE_EIFFEL}_workbench