How to register Eiffel .NET metadata consumer tool

By default, the Eiffel .Net metadata consumer tool will be registered by EiffelStudio installer (the *.msi) automatically. However, if you are using EiffelStudio which downloaded from 7z package. You may need to register the Eiffel .Net metadata consumer tool manually. Otherwise, when you compile a .Net project in Eiffel Studio. You would get following error:

VD71: Configuration error
Error code: VD71
Configuration error
Could not load ISE Eiffel Metadata Consumer tool.

To register it, just open a command line console (cmd.exe). Change current working directory to your %ISE_EIFFEL%\studio\spec\%ISE_PLATFORM%\bin. Then type

RegAsm EiffelSoftware.MetadataConsumer.dll

After that, the .Net metadata consumer tool should be registered successfully. You can enjoy your Eiffel .Net projects.