Various definition for words used through out this website. Try to keep the list properly ordered. Put a blank line between terms with totally different meaning.

  • body_id: see body_index.
  • body_index: unique identifier given to a feature in an AST.

  • dftype: full dynamic type of an object, it is computed at runtime for generic classes and is the same as dtype for non-generic classes without any qualifier.
  • dtype: dynamic type of an object corresponding to {CLASS_TYPE}.type_id.

  • real_body_id: see real_body_index.
  • real_body_index: because for a generic class, we generate several and different versions of the same routine of a given body_index, each versions as a unique identifier, its real_body_index. The real_body_index is also used for routine dispatch in workbench mode and for going from melted code to C code and vice versa.