GUI Replay (Developement)

This information is not up to date and needs some cleanup.


To replay a sequence of events, multiple ideas exist:

  • Send events through operating system
    preferred method since tester and tested application are completly separate
    Problem: How to test assertions on the running application
  • Let Vision2 act as a server and send events and assertions over network
    generates overhead but is flexible
    Problem: Checking assertions over network might not be easy
  • Compile the replay sequence and the player together with the application
    easiest method to check assertions since the tester has full access to the application
    Problem: Compile application for each test or compile all tests into the application

Events through operating system

This is the preferred solution where the test application launches the tested application and sends the event sequence through the operating system and thus simulates the user input. How to test assertions is still unclear.

Compile replay sequence and assertions into application

This is probably the easiest solution at the moment. The capture tool creates an Eiffel class which replays the event sequence and the tester inserts assertions into this sequence. The Eiffel class is compiled together with the application and executes the event sequence.

The Overhead can be reduced by compiling multiple tests together with the application and executing them all at once or providing a commandline interface to execute single tests.