EiffelStudio 7.2 Releases

Below are not the release notes of EiffelStudio. It is the change log of EiffelStudio intermediate releases and the most important changes are highlighted in green or in red (for breaking changes). The release notes of EiffelStudio can be found at the following URL. You can also download the latest revision here. Information about other version can be found under Category:Releases.

EiffelStudio 7.2.x Releases (March 8th 2013, Maintenance Release)

Bug fixes

  • wel: Fixed a bug in 64-bit system where the return type of the WNDPROC was incorrectly set to be an INTEGER when it is in fact a POINTER. Meaning that if the Eiffel code computed an address above the 32-bit range, it would be truncated. This was discovered only when compiling WEL code using VC Express 2012 and executing it on Windows 8. Code compiled using WSDK71 was running just fine on Windows 8.
  • support: Fixed an issue preventing submitting a problem report from EiffelStudio that started when support site was updated to IE 10 on Windows 8.
  • debugger: Fixed a crash when starting the .NET debugger
  • studio: Fixed a class look up issue in the class tree where the top level library cluster will be selected and not the class itself.
  • studio: Made sure that all our C libraries are also compiled with MinGW on 64-bit windows. (February 25th 2013, Maintenance Release)

Bug fixes

  • studio: Made sure that conditions in Project settings are human readable. This fixes bug#18519.
  • studio: Fixed bug#18504 when adding removing libraries to a project.
  • compiler: Fixed a regression where using the compiler option `-safe' will not work anymore if you apply it to ECFs already containing some ECFs without a corresponding -safe ECF.
  • compiler: Fixed a bug where after a finalization, the printed message was always mentioning the workbench version.
  • library: Updated FILE/DIRECTORY classes to recent changes in the compatible version so that gobo descendants can compile.
  • compiler: Fixed bug#18509 and eweasel test#config036 where the library_target of an ECF was not compared in a case insensitive manner with the name of the target thus causing an error if the target name was anything but lower case. Improved error messages by using the name as specified in the ECF (i.e. no lower case conversions).
  • compiler: Improved error message when you cannot find an assembly (as if you specified $ISE_DOTNET_FRAMEWORKmscorlib.dll, missing the / here) the error message would be confusing because it would say that base is not present. Now we print the original path of the assembly and the evaluated path of the ECF containing a reference to that assembly.
  • debugger: Fixed a catcall when debugging a .NET system causing a crash at execution because we were comparing a STRING_32 with a STRING_8.
  • library: Added some renamings so that Gobo tools do not report VSCN errors for classes not in system that could potentially give a conflict if compiled. (February 5th 2013, Final release)

New features

  • library (base): Added support for converting CHARACTER_32 to lower or upper case.
  • installation: Added support for Visual Studio 2012 as a C compiler backend.
  • library (base): Added support to manipulate Unicode path.
  • Added support for installing EiffelStudio in a path with Unicode characters.


  • EiffelStudio: Added VWAB to the list of filtered warning messages.
  • EiffelStudio: Slightly improved reading of the error messages for VBAC(3), VBAR(2), VUTA(2).
  • library (base): Added a new class REPEATABLE for the objects that can iterate over they own state.
  • example (scoop): Simplified dining philosophers example and used the class REPEATABLE for a philosopher's life cycle.

Feature removed

Bug fixes

  • library (WEL): Fixed a bug in {WEL_FONT}.string_size_extended that could cause access on an invalid index if the string contained characters that are mapped to the surrogate pairs in UTF-16.
  • EiffelStudio: Corrected a pretty printer to remove a temporary file after prettifying source code.
  • EiffelStudio: bug#17588 - Supported prettyfing of source code containing Unicode characters.
  • library (base): Fixed a bug in SED where if your retrieval fails while retrieving data, you would get a partial object.
  • library (base): Fixed a bug in recoverable version of SED where if attributes are missing in the retrieval system, it would fail to retrieve the serialized object even though you have some correct_mismatch or have allowed for attribute removal.

User changes

  • compiler: banned the following syntax for types in object creation using the old syntax of object creation:
	! attached like ... !
	! detachable like .... !
	! attached separate like ... !
	! detachable separate like .... !
  • compiler: banned the following syntax for using the old attachment marks with the new `separate' keywords:
	! separate ... 
	? separate ...
  • c-compiler: On Windows when using the Microsoft C/C++ compiler we have removed the generation of PDB files in workbench mode. If you need this, please define the environment variable ISE_CFLAGS to include the -Zi flag.
  • library (kmp_matcher): Supported wildcard patterns and source texts in Unicode.

Developer changes