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EV_GECKO is a Vision2 widget that allows an easy embedding of mozilla/gecko into Vision2 applications.

It is designed with the Vision2 structure (bridge pattern) to allow a multi-platform implementation, but right now only the Linux version (GTK) is implemented.


The widget is provided as an Eiffel library for EiffelStudio 5.7 (with an .ecf file)

It can be provisorily found here together with an example use of the widget: a very basic web browser.


  • Vision2
  • In order to use the widget an environment variable (with the name EV_GECKO) has to be set to point to the directory containing the project file (.ecf).
  • The widget requires mozilla and its development files, which are most easily installed through package management systems: package firefox-dev.



Sample Application using EV_GECKO

As an example of the use of the widget an extremely simple web browser has been implemented. All the relevant code can be found in the MAIN_WINDOW class.

Known Issues

  • Secure HTTP is not supported and visiting an https url usually results in an application crash.
  • A bug in the handling of new windows has been found and is being looked at at the moment