Paths in cluster, library, precompile, assembly and shared_library locations can use the following variables.

  • $ISE_LIBRARY parent directory of the library folder (e.g. $ISE_LIBRARY\library\base\base.ecf)
  • $ISE_PRECOMP precompile folder (e.g. $ISE_PRECOMP\base.ecf)

External Paths

In paths for externals those variables can be used.

  • $ECF_CONFIG_PATH path where the ecf file is located (can be overridden by the library root setting under target/advanced)

Not yet implemented

To make some things easier we will add some predefined variables for pre/post compile actions and externals. Some suggestions are:

  • System name
  • Target name
  • Executable name
  • Platform
  • Build
  • W_code directory
  • F_code directory
  • Target directory
  • EIFGENs directory
  • temp directory
  • build directory (W_code or F_code directory)