• if config file changed
    • if configuration group equivalent with old (no changes of the cluster/library/assembly/override structure)
      • set options
      • check modified
    • else
      • rebuild
  • else
    • check modified
  • if error like class not found that could be solved by rebuild
    • rebuild

set options


Set the options from the newly parsed configuration to the old configuration system.

check modified


Check for compiled classes that have been modified. In addition, check for classes added in override clusters and renamed classes which forces a rebuild.


CONF_BUILD_VISITOR Build or rebuild the whole information, if possible try to reuse class objects from the old configuration system.

CONF_CONSUMER_MANAGER Is created and called by CONF_BUILD_VISITOR and deals with (re)building/(re)consuming types of assemblies. Assemblies are only partially consumed and if types of an assembly are actually used they are later fully consumed in degree 5 which calls the CONF_CONSUMER_MANAGER again.