Compiling Hello World

The Hello Word example looks like this:

feature -- Initialization
	    -- Creation procedure.
            io.put_string ("Hello World!")

To compile this sample, we suggest that you use the Basic application wizard to create the project. And once the project is created to update the ROOT_CLASS with the above content. The required steps are:

  1. Start EiffelStudio
  2. Select the Basic application entry from the Create project section and click Create
  3. In the new dialog that appears, enter the location of the project and select "OK"
  4. Choose your target, that is to say whether you are compiling for C code (sample) or for .NET (sample_dotnet)
  5. Once the compilation is done, type ROOT_CLASS in the Class entry of the Address Bar toolbar. This will load the ROOT_CLASS in the editor.
  6. Enter the above text for ROOT_CLASS
  7. Click the Compile button of the Project Bar toolbar.
  8. Click the Start button of the Project Bar toolbar to start the execution and see the output of your program.