Building LLVM


  • Install the following
  • Add MinGW and MSYS bin directory to your PATH environment variable.
  • Check out appropriate release from LLVM SVN repository
  • Start CMake
  • Within CMake change "Where is the source code" to your llvm source directory
  • Within CMake change "Where to build the binaries" to a build directory
  • Push "Configure", CMake will ask "Specify the generator for this project"
  • Select "MSYS Makefiles" and choose "finish". CMake will work then present configuration options in red.
  • Set configuration options, no changes are usually necessary
  • Push "Configure" again and CMake will work again and the "Generate" button should become available
  • Push "Generate" and CMake should put Makefiles in your build directory
  • From the command line, navigate to your build directory and run "make"