2006 News

All the exciting news of the year 2006.

December 25th

Last 6.0 intermediate release of the year 2006 as Christmas gift.

December 17th

Addition of internationalization support in EiffelStudio. To start with we propose both English and Chinese support.

December 7th

The website gets a new look.

December 4th

EiffelStudio 6.0 first intermediate release is out.

October 24th

EiffelStudio 5.7 is released.

October 9th

EiffelStudio 5.7 RC2 is out.

October 6th

Daniel Furrer and Jann Roder from the EiffelVision2 with Carbon team came to visit Eiffel Software in Santa Barbara to present the result of their work, to discuss universal binary installation and other issues, and to talk about the future of EiffelStudio on the Mac.

September 27th

EiffelStudio 5.7 RC1 is out.

June 15th

New platform support for Linux-sparc, FreeBSD 6.0 on 64-bit processor and OpenBSD 3.9 on 32-bit processor.

May 16th

Eiffel Software announces an experimental version of EiffelStudio with docking facilities.

April 5th

Eiffel Software announces that EiffelStudio 5.7 will be released under a dual license. More in the press release.